ms DataFerry

Datatransfer solution for out-off-network areas

DataFerry Service is needed when vehicles with data collectors are out of network coverage. Rugged Android device can be located in a vehicle or in the employee pocket. DataFerry application pulls information automatically from Flow data collectors. When returned into a network coverage, automatic data transfer in to the backend system for further analysis


Data collection from all vehicles by using data collectors without network connectivity.

Automatic data transfer from data collector to DataFerry when in reasonable range

Automatic data transfer from DataFerry to Millisecond backend solution when under network connectivity


Phase 1 – No network connectivity
– Telemetrics data collection from the vehicle into onboard telemetrics unit

Phase 2 – No network connectivity, DataFerry App present
– Data is transferred form vehicle into DataFerry. Mobile phone is acting as Wi-Fi hotspot

Phase 3 – Phone under Wi-Fi or 3G/LTE network coverage
– Data is transferred to ms Data Analytics Factory