Increase safety, operational efficiency and up-time of equipment


Identify harsh breaking, acceleration, and tilting of equipment.

Black-box functionality will collect all parameters from last 30 minutes prior to accident for detailed analysis. Accident identification can be customize to requested G force level.

Operational optimization

Capture your KPIs and transform them to cost elements.

Automatic identification of equipment’s operational events are the cornerstone of the fact based visibility.

For example for truck will automatically record load and unload locations and the detailed time spending on the route: queuing time at the loader, bypassing time, queuing time at dumping, loading time, dumping time, full haul time, empty haul time.

Information is then transformed to KPIs like transfer times, cycle times, fuel consumption per load etc.

This will help you to see whether there are efficiency differences between brands, models or shifts for the same task; identify bottlenecks i.e. repetitive queue moments on the route; over / under resourcing of trucks per unloading task.

Analysis of equipment utilization can be done on any detail level: active, idle, maintenance, reserve, scheduled & unscheduled delays, uptime/downtime, operative losses, etc.

Utilization breakdown

Up-time optimization

Actual real-time equipment hours help to predict and plan next regular maintenance periods Automatically collected equipment Fault codes and customizable alarms based on deviation in temperature, pressure, liquid level, oil or fuel consumption etc., help maintenance personnel to react proactively before major malfunctions. This will rise the availability time of your equipment and prolong its life-cycle.


Flow services are based on smart collection of equipment CAN and sensor data Our service has been designed to work in any brand and model. Data collection equipment is designed to work in any environment. It will ensure that your data is collected and processed in any environment from deserts to Arctics.

  • Variety of connectivity and location technologies: Dual SIM for WWAN, Wifi, BT, GPS
  • Wide range of data collection capabilities: Dual CAN2.0b, RS485, RS232, USB2.0, LAN, 3 x DI, 3 x DO, G-sensor
  • Rugged for rough environments: IP67, Military grade, operating temp -40°C~70°C, MIL-STD-810G verified, certified by CE/FCC/E13 mark
  • Over the air software and configuration upgrades ensures that latest new functionalitites will be available without hazzle

Flow solution for monitoring, control and analysis of machine operation and technical condition is a product that allows to obtain accurate data online, visualize data for making decisions on optimization of production processes and reporting both for work processes and technical condition of equipment.

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