ms Kolibri/o

Automated transfer of drilling data wirelessly for drilling rigs of any brand  

  • Send drilling plans to the drilling rigs over the air
  • Transfer actual drilling data back automatically
  • Drilling plans can be updated based on actual drilling data in real-time
  • Quick to implement – turn key delivery
  • Can be plugged into any drilling rigs e.g. Atlas Copco, Sandvik

Low investment – Easy to install – Immediate benefits

  • No manual uploads and downloads of files via USB memory sticks
  • Get accurate drilling data from the field in a real-time
  • Enrich data with 3rd party data
  • Enables a more optimized charging and blasting process
  • Efficient and high-quality drilling
  • Simplified drilling process & increased safety

Final testing in progress on the customer site

“Proven technology – it just works”

“Smooth collaboration from the very beginning till the end”

“We really like the way how Millisecond is working on site together with all stakeholders”

“Millisecond keeps promises”

Few comments from our customers