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Intelligent Data-analytics

Visualized real-time data enables fact-based decision making.
Thats what MILLISECOND does for living.
Let´s work together.
Millisecond will be a chosen partner to increase operational efficiency of core business processes with secure, flexible and modern digital solutions
Is to help our customers to develop their business by utilizing real time data in a visual manner



MILLISECOND started from 700 m underground.
Now we have surfaced and are ready for take off – with you
Data analytics simply rocks


A good hunch is not enough in modern production MILLISECOND brings the real time situational picture in front of you

Background & competence

MILLISECOND is company with digital business professionals who have gained their expertise along the construction of world’s largest digital sales, marketing and analytics systems of their kind
We are ready to provide you with all our minds, hearts and souls

Bells and

Imagine playing a new song without notes, especially one you have never heard before. Best instruments in the world will not help you on the task but knowing the notes definitely will. Hiring professionals to write the notes for digital let’s you accelerate the speed of learning and you’ll be humming before you ever expected.

Business idea

MILLISECOND deliveres modern and secure real time situational picture for production- and heavy industry. This enables fact-based decision making and operational improvement and growth.
Along the way we have been given lots of challenges from our customers and so far, none of them have not been impossible to resolve.
MILLISECOND Partner model brings together the customer, us and 3rd party collaborators and technologies.
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Millisecond services and solutions at your service:
Millisecond 3 Step approach
Lab Icon

Service assessment

In this phase we work closely together with our customers to verify requirements for business benefits and ICT. We assess and verify all data elements from its sources and define needed outputs. Also all priorizations and KPI validation will also be conducted. Data integration requirements will also be considered. We also agree upon dashboard visalization together with our customer and create those for verification.
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Service launch

In this phase the created solution will launched for business test and use. Data quality validation will be conducted and automated reports and dashboards will be tested. In case adjustments needed, those will be conducted and tested and then the solution will be ready for business use.
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Benefit realization

In this phase business user groups will start using solution and visualized reports and dashboards. As a result of this phase required business benefits will be realized by having a comprehensive visibility to real time data and online situational picture.